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Get a Bull Terrier puppy

If you are an experienced dog owner and you want something more challenging, you should get a Bull Terrier puppy. This breed is stubborn, energetic, fun-loving and polite, but they need thorough supervision and vigorous exercise. Whether you live in an apartment or in a house with a generous yard, your Bull Terrier puppy will not experience troubles in accommodating with you.

Your Bull Terrier puppy will be popular

Long are the days when this breed was considered threatening. Although they grow up to be muscular and very protective, Bull Terrier puppies are lovable creatures that will constantly want to play and which will keep testing your limits. But do not be too generous with your puppy otherwise your pet will become incontrollable. Be strong and keep in mind that they need plenty of exercise, even when they will be puppies. Bull Terriers are very easy to groom, but they can get overweight if they eat too much and do not exercise enough. Yet they are very playful, they enjoy the company of kids and they are also very intelligent, so you can easily train them to do certain tricks. They adapt very well to almost any conditions, especially if the change occurs when they are little. But they are very affectionate and will love you even if you will leave them alone for hours, for when you will have to go to work.

Their short and dense coat needs regular brushing, especially if you want to avoid excess shedding. But brushing once in 4-5 days is enough for this breed. Invent a game for these moments, come up with something that will stimulate the mind of your puppy. Do not let your Bull Terrier waste their energy and enjoy long walks or short runs together, on a regular basis. Do not let your pup become destructive or aggressive – thing that can occur when Bull Terriers are bored and neglected. Take good care of your puppy and you will have great adventures with your adorable Bull Terrier!