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How to train a champion

As a dog that used to be a fierce gladiator, the Bull Terrier is a gentler breed characterized by an active, fun-loving, scrappy and courageous temperament. Because they are polite, loyal and quite obedient, Bull Terriers can be trained to become champions. But they need a strong hand and powerful leader that can keep them under control. Here are some things that you should know if you want to turn your Bull Terrier into a champ.

How to train your Bull Terrier

Bullies are an intelligent breed that requires a lot of vigorous exercise and several hours of training per day. Both their body and mind needs training, so you will have to come up with clever ideas that will keep your pet busy, especially if you want to make a champion out of them. Short runs, long walks and hours of playing with the ball – this sounds like your champ’s heaven. Enjoy daily strolls in your favourite park and choose a corner for your dog’s special moves. Training your Bull Terrier is not an easy, not short process. In case you do not start training at an early stage, they will become quite independent and hard to be submissive. Because they do not respond to harsh tones and discipline, you will have to constantly reinvent and maintain a calm-assertive voice and behavior. Bullies have a short attention span, so you will have to repeat your short training sessions until your pet will finally learn to execute and respond to your command correctly.

Even when you will think that you trained your champion, your Bull Terrier will push your boundaries and test you somehow, so you might say that their training is never complete. You must remember to stay calm and assertive, without raining the voice and without losing your control. Train your Bull Terrier from early days and you will succeed to have a champ when your pup will grow older!