since 1960

Whilst at home we bred CH.Dajan Stormin Norman winner of The Sandawana Trophy. We Have at stud, at Dajan, Ch Dajan King of the road ( Billy) A tri- coloured dog with and out standing temperament, he recently produced a very promising litter to a "royal Bull terrier. The latest export to our Sandawana friends is (William) SA. CH.Dajan Skies the Limit at Sandawana. litter brother to CH. Dajan Class Act, (our Regent Trophy, and Ormandy bitch Jug winner Perla) in this same litter we bred a Swedish Champion, and another sister is a Belgian champion, the mother of these children is of course our Regent Trophy and Ormandy Bitch jug winner. Ch. Dajan Classy Dame. We do not breed a great deal at Dajan, preferring quality to quantity, and to this end we bred two Regent trophy and Ormandy jug winners, achieved this by careful bleeding, not just by studying pedigrees, but looking at virtues. and faults in our own bitches, and possible stud dogs -we produced Ch Dajan clasy dame by using a dog, shown very little (Radcliffes Gorbys boy) but we liked him as a puppy and also his Ghabar lines fitted nicely into our Dajan pedigrees- Then we (some people were concerned,) took a big chance by using a stud dog with an incorrect mouth) Ch Kilacabar Firestarter, but we knew he was "just right" For Ch Dajan Classy Dame, so much so they produced Ch Dajan Class Act, (and a litter with good mouths ).

1983 Ch Segreda st Christopher of Dajan and Mischif of brummagen

We are both Championship show judges of Standard and miniature bull terriers and have judged them in the Uk ( I have been invited to judge standard bull terriers at Crufts), S Africa, Australia Austria Sweden Belgium and Holland and i have judged the utility group at open show level we have owned French bulldogs for 18 years and now have Gucci and Bee bee, and just bred our first litter of frenchies. Through our interest in dogs, we have made some wonderful and firm friends, especially in S Africa, Sweden, Belgium, Austria and Spain.

Bull Terrier – Is it the breed for you?

Playful, but aggressive, the Bull Terrier still manages to find many supporters in its team. There are many people in the world who love having them as pets, even though some of them would train them to fight. But Bull Terriers sure need a strong owner who can convince them to overcome their hunting and fighting features. Here are some things you should know if you are considering getting a Bull Terrier.

Bull Terrier’s temperament

People who do not own a Bull Terrier are convinced that these creatures are imposing and threatening. But the truth is their temperament is of an active and rowdy clown. Bull Terriers are extremely energetic, they are very protective with their family and they will prove it in the most affectionate and sweet way. You cannot leave them alone for days in a row, even though you leave them enough food. They are a breed that needs company and they can get bored easily if you do not give them the attention that they demand. As a determined and courageous breed, the Bull Terrier is a muscular dog that needs plenty of physical activity if you want to keep them fit and healthy. As a breed that was once a fierce gladiator, they are much gentler now and despite the fact they are not bred to be guardian dogs, they can defend their owner in a truly critical situation. Those who are escorts from https://www.eros.com have nothing to worry about if their Bull Terrier is around to protect them.

However, before actually breeding a Bull Terrier, keep in mind that they need firm and constant leadership. It will be a constant training for both their body and mind. Due to the fact that this breed necessitates a lot of vigorous exercise, you will have to play long games of ball until they will consume their energy. You definitely need a huge yard for them to run around or daily walks in the park to play with other dogs or fetch the ball as often as possible.

If you are a novice dog owner, Bull Terrier might be too much for you. Start with a more docile breed that does not require so much attention. Get a Labrador or a Golden Retriever if you want a playful dog but which will not require too much effort. When breeding Bull Terriers you have to always be assertive and calm, otherwise your dog will take control over you. Therefore if you do not thing you can make is, get a more obedient breed.

It is a common trait of unwatched dogs to become destructive, bored and anxious when left alone for too long. They will destroy your stuff and get revenge on you, which can upset you and result in their punishment. But it is not the best way to deal with Bull Terriers. Ensure them a proper home, take care of their needs and train them as much as they require. Take proper care of your pet and get a Bull Terrier only if you are certain that it is the best breed for you.